5 ESO Addons You Must Use

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Elder Scrolls Online add-ons recently, and although Zenimax has seriously limited some of the potential capabilities, add-on developers are still hard at work creating useful ones. The default interface is very minimalist, somewhat optimized for console players and therefore has certain drawbacks. Regardless of your opinions on extensions, there are a few that are very useful, and here are some that I have used so far!

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1. Wykkyd framework

 Wykkyds FrameworkThe Wykkyd framework was extremely useful to me. It adds a bar indicating the level and the XP bar of your character, the quantity of soul fragments, the power timer, the clock, the zone in which you are, available and used bag space and several other very useful information to consult at all times.

While the information it provides can be found otherwise, having it up to date all the time has been a real time saver for me. Constantly opening my inventory to see how much space I have left or checking character stats to see the progress of the experience to the next level can get tedious after a while – with Wykkyd’s Framework, you can choose to display all or part of these statistics all the time. It’s not crucial to have at all, but something I think should definitely be on everyone’s to-do list.

((Wykkyd framework on Esoui)

2. ZrMiniMap

 ZrMiniMapIt is one of these additional modules which is simply a must for all those who think that immersion is just another buzzword. I played without a minimap for a few days, and as soon as I realized that this feature existed, I never looked back. It’s a very simple add-on that does exactly what you think: add a small version of your card to a customizable location on your screen. Navigating to quest givers, public dungeons, or shrines becomes (surprisingly) much easier, so ZrMiniMap is an addon that you should definitely consider installing.

((ZrMiniMap on Esoui)

3. Artisan research timer

 Craft search timersAnother explicit addon. To see the search timers normally, you need to go to a craft station and check it manually: no more, because Craft Research Timer allows you to see the exact time your search for Clothing, Forge or The Woodcraft will be done. As the research time will take a lot of time maximize your search break time is very important, especially at the beginning when they don’t take too long.

If you’re like me and trying to level all professions, tracking research times for 6 or even 9 different traits can be overwhelming, and Craft Research Timer will absolutely help you with that. It is certainly not the prettiest addon and I would not want more customization, but it does its job effectively.

((Handmade research timer on Esoui)

4. Tactical foundry combat

 Tactical foundry combatWhile not for everyone, tactical foundry combat is incredibly useful for players who are often grouped or engaged in Cyrodiil’s PvP fight. Scrolling combat text and tracking buffs are just some of the features of FTC, and for anyone who thinks they don’t have combat information, this addon should do the trick.

((Foundry tactical combat on Esoui)

5. SpamFilter

 SpamFilterEveryone who is completely against addons in ESO, you are now eating your words! With the exception of a rudimentary ignorance list, the developers don’t seem to have implemented spam filters to keep unwanted (and annoying) unwanted zone chat messages, and there are certainly a lot in departure areas.

I’m sure everyone will agree that this is an addon that you absolutely want to have and keep up to date, so be sure to install it and enjoy a spam free experience.

((SpamFilter on Esoui)

Search for extensions

YesThe largest and most popular website for finding ESO add-ons is Esoui.com. Developed and maintained by Zam, Esoui has the largest database of updated add-ons and if it exists, chances are you will find it there. The Esoui add-ons are organized into easy-to-understand sections like Action Bar, Combat, Tradeskill and the like, making it easy to find everything you need.

You can also use Nexusmods. If you’ve ever played and used addons for Fallout, Skyrim, or other single player RPG games, it’s unlikely Nexusmods. Their site and addon download manager also supports Elder Scrolls Online, and although their mod database isn’t as large or up-to-date as Esoui’s, it still contains the most popular addons .

Installation of extensions

MinionThere are two options for installing ESO add-ons. The first solution is to manually download the files and copy them to your ESO folder, which you can find in “My documents”> “Elder Scrolls Online”> “Live” (or “liveeu” for the European client)> “AddOns”. Just paste the appropriate add-ons into this folder and, if necessary, activate them once you launch the game. Instructions should also be provided in the readme files of each add-on in case you need help. additional.

Alternatively, you can install Esoui’s servant who will manage the download and installation of extensions for you. It’s a small downloadable app that will make adding and removing ESO addons a breeze and I strongly suggest that you check it out. It is much more convenient and as safe as possible.

There are many other supplements that are quite useful such as EsoHead markers, Research assistant, View of the inventory grid, Multi Quest Tracker in addition, and I advise you to to explore and find the ones you want yourself. Over time, I’m sure we will see many other useful supplements, and for my part, I’m excited about it. The default interface has its limits, and I prefer that Zenimax developers work on new content and leave the user interface to the community.

Although a fairly small but vocal part of the community is against addons, there is no doubt that they can make your gaming experience a lot more enjoyable. Nothing forces you to use add-ons if you don’t want to, but luckily for anyone who prefers convenience and functionality to “immersion“(Sigh) there is a fairly active addon development community working to make our lives easier.

So what is your preference, do you use extensions? If the answer is yes, give everyone your recommendations below!

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