All BitLife ribbons and how to get them

All BitLife ribbons and how to get them

You are rewarded with BitLife ribbons when your character dies at the end of their life. These ribbons are awarded to them if you have been able to meet a certain number of criteria during the life of that character. Some of these requirements overlap, which sometimes makes it difficult to meet specific ones as the character may live too long and receive a different ribbon instead. We’re going to break down all the ribbons available in the game and detail what you need to do to unlock them, adding them to your profile.


For the academic badge, you want your character to be fully involved in the school as much as possible. While they are in school, make sure they “study harder” each year to maximize their efforts. When they have the chance to go to college, do the same. Many gamers recommend that your character enroll in a school-related position, because if you make too much money, you might earn a different ribbon. Keep your profits and net worth low to mark this ribbon.


The Addict Ribbon is all about killing your character while they have an addiction. You can develop an addiction by taking drugs whenever you have the chance of another character, playing and drinking as often as possible. you want to avoid going to rehab. Once you have at least two addictions and your character dies, you should get the ribbon.


To earn the Bandit Ribbon, you must commit a train theft. However, this must happen at a specific time in High Noon (12:00 p.m. in your time zone), at 4:20 p.m. or at midnight. You must succeed in the train robbery. It is important to avoid having too much money or having a successful career to avoid these ribbons, so make sure you have a simple life after the theft.

Barbie girl

For the Barbie Girl Ribbon, your character must be a woman. Keep it simple until you get out of high school, then try to have plastic surgery as many times as possible. As long as you avoid making too much money and your character has regular plastic surgery, you should be good to go and earn that ribbon.

Big boss

To receive the Big Boss Ribbon, you must be successful in your career and have a job related to the company. It is best to go to college to get a degree in English, finance, information systems, math or science, and then go to business school after graduating from college. From there, get into a job related to the company, work there for as long as you can, work hard every year, and move up the corporate ladder until you become CEO.

Cat lady

Start as a female for the Cat Lady ribbon and adopt as many cats as possible throughout your life. Adopt them every year, take care of them as much as you can, and never get married. You also want to make sure you buy a house to take care of it.


There is a lot to do to complete the Cunning Ribbon. Start by committing any crime available in the game and get caught. When you go to jail, complete the maze to escape. After you get out, go through sex reassignment surgery, which costs quite a bit of money, and then avoid getting caught. After having had a decent life after this adventure, you should receive the ribbon.


For the deadly ribbon you must kill at least five people. You can kill them by directly committing a crime against them, fighting them (and seriously injuring them), or hiring a hitman to deal with them. The hitman may be the best option to make sure the job is done, but it costs a lot of money.

Family guy

This one is quite boring and simple, but you have to be a man. Have a simple life, marry a wife (and never marry them), have a few children, have a good relationship with all of them, and then die peacefully when you reach old age.


Getting famous in BitLife can be difficult, which makes the Famous Ribbon a bit tedious. You can do this by pursuing an acting career, which begins with dubbing in jobs, or by having a considerable number of followers on social media. Follow them and unlock the fame gauge.


You want to have as many children as possible to earn the Fertile Ribbon. You want to have at least eight children yourself, but if you only have two or more, your grandchildren matter too. However, it is much easier to marry a woman early and have all eight children.


Generous Ribbon is all about giving gifts and presents to other characters in your game. You can earn a high paying job and send gifts to your friends or family every year, for at least 30 years.


You have to be 120 years old for geriatric tape. The best way to do this is to keep your happiness and health as high as possible, 100%, every year. After you hit 100, you need to make sure that your happiness stays on that high bar. You can take a walk, meditate, work in the garden, or read books to stay centered.


For the Globetrotter Ribbon, you need to visit at least 20 countries, which can be difficult for most characters to achieve. You want your character to have a lot of money to travel around and to stay on the right sign of every country they visit.

Gold digger

Gold Digger tape is relatively tough. While maintaining a high standard of looks, you want to get married into an affluent lifestyle and you should never have a job. If you keep your look stats high and always up to date, look to find a character with massive net worth.


You have to save someone’s life for the Hero Ribbon. Unfortunately, you can’t do this as someone who regularly works to save someone’s life, like a police officer, paramedic, or firefighter. You can earn it by performing the Heimlich maneuver on a family member, entering the military and failing the minefield puzzle (and dying), or trying to save someone rather than dying. to call for help.


With the Highroller Ribbon, you want to live in the casino and you want to make a lot of money while you’re there. You want to play as many times as possible and have a high return, making a lot of money. To make sure that you don’t fail other aspects of life by doing this, having a decent job can ensure you earn the ribbon. However, you don’t want to make too much money from gambling.


The Houdini ribbon is a nightmare for many BitLife players. It’s all about getting you to jail, successfully escaping from jail, and then starting over to escape multiple times. Players have discovered that it takes at least 10 successful breakouts for you to get this badge.


You want to become a social media influencer to earn this ribbon. Sign up for a social media account when your character turns 14, and post to that social media account every year, doing so multiple times. You want your character to spend a lot of time on social media and make sure that each of your accounts is verified.


The Jailbird is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is go to jail at least once, manage to escape the facility, and then eventually return. Your character must remain in prison until his death.


Basically keep pressing that “year” button for the Lazy Ribbon. You don’t want to overdo it and go on living. Do not do anything. I don’t have a job. Do not take from your friends. Do not do anything. As long as you hit at least 50, you’re good.


It’s time to earn that much money to earn the Loaded ribbon. Your goal is to reach $ 20 million in your net worth. A good way to do it to become famous, become a doctor and save a lot of money. Be smart about how you earn it and make sure you pay attention to the type of career you choose. Becoming an actor is always an option if you find that the voice acting career is available in the jobs tab.


All you have to do for this tape is have at least 20 sex partners to earn the Lustful tape. It is not too difficult.


Mediocre tape is about as simple as Lazy. All you need to do is have a Basic Job, Basic Life, and Basic Lifestyle. Don’t do anything too special, just live your life and die of old age.

Bitizen model

The Bitizen model comes with a variety of requirements. Above all: do not disrespect any of the characters. You want to be a kind and good character, so don’t do anything mean, cruel, or rude. You want to do these things throughout your life:

  • Compliment other characters 10 times
  • Die with a net worth of at least 50,000.
  • Give money to your friends, family or kids 10 times.
  • Never ask for money.
  • Spend time with your kids 10 times


To earn the Monopoly Ribbon, you want to buy houses, renovate them, and then resell them on the market. You have to do this at least 10 times and then earn at least $ 10 million through the process.

Hang out

All you have to do for this ribbon is to constantly ask other characters in the game for money. Ask everyone for money.


For Movie Buff tape, you want to go to the movies once a year, do it at least 20 times, but doing it every year is pretty easy.


The Rich Ribbon is pretty straightforward, but you want to make sure you don’t have too much of it. Your character must have at least $ 5 million in net worth, but he cannot have more than $ 20 million. When you reach over 20 million, you are eligible for the Loaded Ribbon, which you earn at the end of the game.


Want to spend your younger years hanging out in a club? This is your chance. You can earn Rowdy’s Ribbon by going to a club at least 10 times, arguing with those around you, taking drugs on the spot, and having house parties. It’s time to party.


Outrageous Ribbon is earned by committing various crimes in the game and then going to jail. You don’t want to try to escape. You just want to go to jail five times, serve your sentence, and then commit other crimes.


This one is worse than Lazy tape. You basically want to do nothing for this ribbon, but you also want to have extremely low intelligence. Never improve it and do nothing to fix it.


Successful Ribbon is kind of like living a Basic Life, but you want to make sure you die with at least 200,000 to 250,000 net values. Make sure to avoid going to jail, doing anything negative towards other family members or friends, and keep your nose clean.


For the Tarzan ribbon, you want to own a variety of exotic animals. Unfortunately, you need to be at the Bitizenship level of the game to earn this one, as that’s the only way to access the Exotic Animal Dealer. It’s a bit like being a Cat Lady, where you buy and take care of several exotic animals.


To earn the Teammate Ribbon, you must work as a developer for BitLife. To do this, go to school, have high intelligence and learn computer science in a university. From there, head to Miami, search for an app developer job, and look to work for Candywriter, the game developer. Work for them and help them, and you will earn this ribbon at the end of your life.


The thief’s tape is all about committing crimes, but you have to make specific ones. You have to steal someone, steal a car, and break into another person’s home. To win the ribbon, you must commit 10 crimes.


You must be extremely unlucky to win this ribbon. The character in your game must die very young before reaching 30 years old. He may die succumbing to an illness before that age or have something horrible happening to him. Unfortunately, it is based on luck and it must be a disease.


To earn the Veteran’s Ribbon, your character must serve in the military, rise through the ranks and build a career. However, you don’t want to just dive into it. You want to do this by becoming an officer, so don’t do it immediately after high school. Instead, go to a college, then enter the military as an officer. After that, continue your career path until retirement.


For this ribbon, all you have to do is start a new life and “let go”. To get there, go to the activity tabs and find the option at the bottom, then click yes.


To earn the Wicked Ribbon, your character must earn an STD and broadcast it to at least five other people in the game. You can also ditch all of your kids, cheat on your partners, and leave your pets behind. Spreading an STD is probably the easiest way to earn that ribbon.

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