Enchanting guide

Enchanting Guide

Enchantment is one of 6 jobs in Elder Scrolls Online. It creates various glyphs which are used to add attributes and various effects to your objects. To create these glyphs, you must be in an enchanting station anywhere in the world, as well as have 3 appropriate reagents: a power, a essence and an aspect …

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Clothier Guide

Clothier is one of your character’s six professions in The Elder Scrolls Online. Draperies specialize in creating light and medium armor using fabric and creature skins. Like other crafting skills, the equipment you can craft with Clothier is comparable to some of the best items you can get in the game, and some set bonuses …

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Woodworking guide

Woodworking Guide

Woodworking is one of the three professions The Elder Scrolls online which create elements that can be fitted. Blacksmiths create metallic weapons and heavy armor, Clothiers make light and medium armor, while Carpenters are able to manufacture Bows, staves and shields. Although woodworking is slightly less popular than most other trades, it is by no …

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5 ESO Addons You Must Use

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Elder Scrolls Online add-ons recently, and although Zenimax has seriously limited some of the potential capabilities, add-on developers are still hard at work creating useful ones. The default interface is very minimalist, somewhat optimized for console players and therefore has certain drawbacks. Regardless of your opinions on …

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Jewelry Making Guide

Jewelry Crafting Guide

Jewelry making is the latest profession added to The Elder Scrolls online in Summerset chapter. The goal of the profession is to give players additional freedom to build characters and personalize equipment choices. Jewelry making uses many of the same concepts as other TESO professions. Collecting materials, researching features and developing the new range of …

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ESO Gold Guide

ESO Gold Guide

Gold in Elder Scrolls Online is often easy to find, but even easier to spend. Equipment upgrades, design pages, furnishings, storage chests, bank and character inventory upgrades, assembly training – these are just a few of the ways you can spend your gold. Most importantly, you can trade gold for crowns, which means you can …

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