Enhancement tips for Bless Unleashed

Enhancement tips for Bless Unleashed

Developed by Round8 Studio, Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play MMORPG. In-game, gear upgrading is a process that increases the combat stats and gear score of your gear. Make sure to be on the lookout for crafted NPC enhancing gear in the game, as they provide you with the means to upgrade your gear. They also provide information on the three types of equipment enhancements: common, master, and unlicensed. This guide will provide helpful tips for upgrading your gear in Bless Unleashed.

How to improve equipment?

  • Interact with an equipment specialist NPC.
  • Select the equipment you want to upgrade. A message indicating “fortification available” will be displayed if you have the required equipment.
  • Hold the “A” button to “fortify” the selected item.
  • A message will inform you whether the enrichment was successful or not.

What are the different types of equipment upgrades?

  • Common improvements – Depending on the item’s quality and fortification level, current upgrades cost Gold, Artifact Shards, and Artifact Cores. They usually have a high success rate, however, if your gear fails to level up it can break and lose its fortification level.
  • Master improvement – Only available in major cities, you can only use Star Seeds, rather than Gold. Keep in mind that there is no penalty if fortification fails. Star Seeds are a very valuable resource, so be sure to weigh the risk against the reward when using them for this type of enhancement.
  • License-free enhancement – Only available at Outlaw Village, they are very inexpensive to run and offer a great chance of success. However, there is a major problem with these types of enhancements. If your gear fails to upgrade, you may lose that gear permanently.

General advice

  • At first, the first two pieces of gear you acquire are easily upgraded, meaning the risk of failure is almost zero.
  • When you acquire rare items, the chance of the equipment upgrade to fail increases – meaning the item loses two fortification levels and breaks if the upgrade fails.
  • Articles do not descend from grade level due to failure.
  • Materials used in an upgrade attempt are always consumed.
  • When an item is interrupted due to an unsuccessful upgrade attempt, it loses some of its power and its base stats and equipment score are lower.
  • Make sure you save your Gold and Star Seeds for when you’re ready to upgrade them.
  • Broken items can be repaired using a repair tool or by sacrificing the same item at any level.

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