Everything shown at BlizzConline for Diablo 4 – Rogue class, PvP, open-world

Everything shown at BlizzConline for Diablo 4 – Rogue class, PvP, open-world

Blizzconline has revealed several exciting updates to the highly anticipated Diablo IV project, including the reveal of Fourth Class: The Red, along with PvP combat and a bunch of open world details, explained by team members. development of Diablo IV.

The Red

The Rouge is a reimagining of the Diablo I version. It uses both ranged and melee weapons, and demonstrates top-notch mobility on the battlefield. With this class, you’ll get plenty of customization options, including visual customizations and even gameplay – including the ability to specialize your Rouge in one of three gameplay modification paths: Combo Points, Shadow Realm, or Weakness exploit.

Image via Blizzard press release

In addition, Rouge’s will have a system to develop his attacks with Poison, Shadow or Frost. For example, the attack on Rouge Rain of Arrows presents a completely different experience depending on which element it was imbued with.

Player versus player combat

The details of the PvP mode were also a popular topic of discussion. PvP mode has been desired by Diablo fans for quite some time. For Diablo IV, there will be PvP areas scattered around the world of Sanctuary; optional locations that players can choose to go against other players. PvP Zones reward Shards of Hate, resources earned with the goal of using them for exclusive items.

Open world improvements

The thrill of exploration in Diablo IV was highlighted in preparation for the Open World Developments conference. Mounts, Camps, and Global Movements were the three main focus areas the developers tackled.


The collection aspect of mounts, in that there are many styles of horse mounts and modifications to be won. As you progress through the game, completing puzzles, discovering hidden places, or defeating certain enemies can allow you to customize different mounts applied to your horse. In general, horses will be a great source of transportation, as well as fully customizable, so you’ll move around the world of Sanctuary in style.


The camps are bastions of evil, scattered across the world. Over the years, monsters have infiltrated them, and it’s up to you to recover them for the people of Sanctuary. Beating one of these camps essentially unlocks them, creating a whole new waypoint of accessibility. In short, camps are another way to progress.

Global movement

In Diablo IV, the emphasis is on accessibility to the world, allowing players to experiment with various methods of reaching specific locations across the world. This can include jumping over cliffs or climbing rocky slopes. In short, you need to think about your destination and use a little creativity in the process.

As far as when we can expect Diablo IV, don’t hold your breath for a 2021 release. It’s possible, but a 2022 – or even 2023 release date is more likely.

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