Expanding Your Inventory Space

 Expand your inventoryOver the past beta weekends, I’ve seen the chat question countless times: how and where to expand your inventory space. Sellers who sell more space for bags aren’t hard to find once you know what to look for, but I still remember that it took me about an hour or that I was looking for several cities to find one when I started playing (I’m blind, I know).

This guide will give you a basic overview on how to increase your inventory and store items more efficiently in The Elder Scrolls online.

Why expand your inventory space?

 Adjold, bag seller at Davon's WatchAll characters start with 60 locations of basic items in their inventory. It can fill up very quickly when you’re looking for time, and making frequent trips to vendors, bankers, or craft shops can be a huge waste of time. Even if you don’t pick up various foods, fishing bait, or gear you won’t be using, 60 spaces aren’t enough to hold all of the quest items and crafting materials. Everything has its value and the more you collect, the more you will end up having; it all adds up.

Where to buy inventory slots

 Bag seller iconMost cities in Tamriel have bag sellers which can allow you to extend your available inventory space, for a fee of course. It would be quite the task of finding and listing all of the available providers, so I’ll rather show you exactly what to look for!

Vendors who increase your inventory space can be easily found if you simply open a map of an area and look for a particular bag icon, as shown in the attached image. As mentioned, most major cities have these vendors, and once you know what to do to find them, it’s a breeze.

How much does it cost?

 Buy inventory slotsThe first upgrade will increase your available slots from 50 to 60 and cost 400 gold. The second upgrade costs 2,000 g, increasing to 5,900 g for the third. The cost increases with every 10 slots you buy, and you can have a total of 200 inventory slots, but it will take some time to accumulate this amount of gold. I haven’t had a chance to see how much the additional upgrades would cost, so maybe someone can chime in with the exact numbers in the comments just below the post.

Although the price is quite high for new players, it is worth spending your gold until you have at least 100 slots. Consider this an investment, because being able to transport additional items means that you can pick up more craft materials and waste from sellers for sale.

Horse inventory

 Horse dietYour horse can also be used to enlarge your inventory space. If you remember my guide on horses, you will know that you can feed your mount every 20 hours with different types of food. While most players recommend feeding apples for increased speed (especially useful in PvP), it may be prudent to do so once you can afford a light horse (42,700 gold).

Your imperial (1 gold) or common (17,200 g) horse can never be as fast as light, so you can continue to feed them with oats safely to increase inventory space. It will take a while until you can afford a light horse; for leveling, use a slower one but with increased inventory capacity. As a note, your horse does not have a separate inventory, but your own character’s inventory is simply expanded.

It costs 250 gold to feed your horse, and each time you feed it with oats, its inventory increases by one location. You can only have one active horse at a time, but your stables can store more than one. Simply visiting any stable master in the world will allow you to change your active mount; your inventory will not be increased unless your active horse is the one to which you have given oats.

Banking area

BankerBesides your own inventory, you can also store items in your bank. You must visit your nearest banker to store items, but everything craft materials you hide can be used directly from any craft station in the world. Upgrading your bank storage is even more expensive: you start with 30 locations and increasing it to 40 will cost 1,000 gold. The second upgrade is already priced at 3,300 gold.

Since there are no “stacks” of items in TESOwhich means it doesn’t matter if you carry around 1 or 50 iron ore, it will only take one place in your inventory. Therefore, I recommend that you keep these crafting materials always on your character, as storing them both in your bank and your character would use 2 slots instead of just one (you will quickly find more of the same materials). I usually use my bank to store enchanting runes, line gems, research articles, and various other miscellaneous items that I don’t need to take with me. It is generally better to keep the alternative equipment on your character because it is not always practical to jump into a bank and recover it.


Expanding your inventory space is definitely worth it, especially at the start of the game. Once you’ve started transporting dozens of runes, herbs, food, potions, and other items, you’ll quickly run out of space. Frequent trips to vendors and bankers can get tedious, so once you have your first mount, be sure to spend most of your gold to increase inventory and banking space.

Are you looking for ways to earn gold in TESO? Read this guide and find out how to earn enough gold keep increasing your inventory size every few levels and always have more than enough to easily buy your mount at level 20.

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