How to track Paragon status and get rewards in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

How to beat Stratios and the Cliffs of Bastion pet battle in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

In your continuing adventures through World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Familiar Battles may be part of your regular call spins. Bastion offers plenty of opportunities to send your critters into the fray, and Stratios will challenge you as part of the Cliffs of Bastion quest. Let’s see how to take apart his carefully constructed collection of creatures.

Stratios commands a team made up of Shelby, Tinyhoof and Glitterwing. Your ideal attack mode should come in the form of Crow, Iron Starlet, and the ever-reliable Nexus Whelp. Crow should start the battle with Alpha Strike, dealing bonus damage for nailing the first attack. Follow that up with Call Darkness to tone down the mood and make the weather more to Crow’s liking. You can now use Nocturnal Strike, which is improved with the use of Call Darkness, and that should do a short job for Shelby.

This will bring up Tinyhoof, and you can spam Crow Alpha Strike until it can no longer fly. Next in your lineup should be Nexus Whelpling, but only for a few rounds. Start with Arcane Storm to trade Dark Weather for Arcane Winds, then hit Tinyhoof with two rounds of Mana Surge. Then send Iron Starlet and use a few Wind-Up turns to knock out Tinyhoof. Keep hammering the Wind-Up attack as Glitterwing arrives, and when Iron Starlet loses the rest of her health, call in Nexus Whelpling to clean up the battlefield.

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