Cloud gaming for Xbox Game Pass is coming to iOS and PC

Microsoft announces price increases to Xbox Live subscriptions

Despite strong speculation that it will be phased out entirely, Xbox’s online service Xbox Live Gold will now see all of its subscription prices increase. For those new to the service, a month of Live Gold will cost $ 10.99, three months will drop to $ 29.99, with a six-month subscription now $ 59.99.

But don’t worry, existing subscribers. Microsoft has clarified that anyone who currently has a six or 12 month supply of Live Gold will not see an increase in their current rate and will be able to renew at any time at their respective prices. Also, it offers all Gold users the option to upgrade the rest of their subscription time to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost.

In a recent blog postMicrosoft says raising prices is simply “accessing the value and pricing of our services.” As a result, however, the price of a 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription now matches that of Xbox Game Pass, and is only $ 60 less than an annual subscription for the Ultimate service.

So, by all indications, Microsoft seems to be viewing Xbox Live Gold as an introductory service for new users, as its pressure for existing users to switch to Ultimate is getting stronger than ever.

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