Minecraft Snapshot 21W03A - Patch Notes

Minecraft Snapshot 21W03A – Patch Notes

Minecraft: Java Edition is ready to get some shiny squids with the release of Snapshot 21W03A. This is the first snapshot of the Caves and Cliffs update due out later this year.

The snapshot adds glistening squids and lichens to the game. The glowing squids were the top-voted crowd at the Minecraft Live event held in October last year. At this time, the Glowing Squid does not automatically appear in the snapshot. However, players will receive their eggs in the Creative Mode inventory.

These creatures drop bags of glowing ink when slain, and these bags can be used to glow signs as well as craft frames of glowing items. Glowing lichens, on the other hand, can be harvested using shears and spread along adjacent blocks using bone meal. Here are the full snapshot patch notes.

New features

  • Added Glow Lichen!
  • Added the glow squid!

Shiny lichen

  • A subdued light source that generates in the caves
  • Use scissors to pick it up
  • Use bone meal to spread it along the block surfaces

Shiny squid

  • Glowing squids have been added, but are not yet reproducing naturally. You can find spawning eggs for them in the creative inventory
  • Glowing squids are well lit and can be seen even from a distance!
  • When killed, glistening squids leave glistening inkbags
  • Luminescent ink bags can be used on signs to make text super visible, even at night! Works with colors!
  • Create a light object frame by combining a bag of light ink with an object frame in a craft table. Any element in a light element frame is perfectly illuminated, even at night!
  • Use ink bag on a panel to remove the glow effect
  • Axolotls will attack any Glowing Squid they see, so … be careful


  • Dripstone Blocks can be crafted from 4 Sharp Dripstones

Bug fixes

  • Creatures choke / pass through blocks when growing near a solid block
  • Spawner with Weight 0 Crashes Game
  • Desynchronization of the Shulker render position and generation of a phantom shulker when destroying a ship or a shulker minecart
  • Players cannot tempt animals with food while other players are closer to the animal
  • Setting Json text value to null throw exceptions and crashes
  • Shulkers in boats and minecarts do not sit down if they are previously attached to blocks on the side
  • Shulkers cannot be repelled
  • Using a Monster Spawner to spawn Shulkers spawns White Shulkers
  • Shulkers cannot be pushed inside non-solid blocks
  • Random transparent line in shulker box GUI texture
  • Gaps in the used images of an animation ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Shulkers do not teleport correctly when passing through a portal
  • Shulker boxes cannot be opened if they are next to a shulker group
  • Shulkers teleports with the original dimension coordinates after passing through the portals
  • Shulkers are afraid of being next to another shulker
  • Shulkers open in blocks when they can’t teleport
  • Shulkers are not aligned on the grid for a fraction of a second after appearing in
  • Boats don’t try to tear you down on land
  • The server cannot prevent a player from dismantling a vehicle, causing a desynchronization
  • Shulker bullet subtitles are not properly capitalized
  • Right-clicking on an empty batch sometimes launches a hand animation
  • Bundle usage statistic never increases
  • The selection of the game mode is ordered differently
  • “Typing” in loot table number providers is no longer optional
  • The game crashes when you try to move a chest by clicking on it in the inventory of a donkey whose chest is removed
  • block.pointed_dripstone.drip_[liquid/cauldron] has no subtitles
  • The pointed dripstone can be placed on top of each other, even if a player would be inside the lower dripstone hitbox
  • Dripstone subtitles are not properly capitalized
  • The name of the Dripstone Caves biome is not capitalized correctly
  • Dripstone Caves generate fusion of dripstones in an impossible way
  • Dripstone generated in Dripstone Caves can replace seemingly strange lava sources
  • Creatures cannot spawn in Dripstone Caves
  • Problems with rendering songs when the height limit is large
  • Invocation dust or dust_color_transition particles kick nearby players when on a server
  • player sub-predicate of entity_properties predicate only passes if game mode is specified
  • Shulkerboxes / bundles duplicate objects when destroyed by two firewalls simultaneously
  • Shulker Boxes and Bundles drop their items twice when thrown into a Lava Cauldron

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